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Ramie Growing and Fiber Extraction
Showa Village in Fukushima Prefecture has since the Edo Period been the only place on Honshu where high-quality ramie is cultivated for use in hempen cloth

Society for Conservation of the Ramie Production Techniques of Showa Village

Accredited in 1991
Karamushi Kaikan, Nakajima, Shimonakatsukawa, Showa-mura, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture 968-0103

Ramie is a plant in the nettle family, called karamushi in Japanese. The traditional techniques for cultivating the plant and extracting the fibers have been passed down unchanged over many generations of farmers.

Scattering fertiliser
New shoots
The new crop
Stripping the stems
Pulling out the fibers
Erecting a fence to protect the crop from pest and wind damage
Bundles of ramie